The Advantage of listing your home with Tim

Strategic Pricing

Working with you to determine the best price for your home.

Maximizing Exposure

Utilizing thousands of real estate websites, social media, networking locally and creating professional brochures.

Pre-Sale PReperation

Addressing anything that needs to be done before selling as well as the things that do not need changing.

Tim Will Make Your Property Stand Out

Professional Photography

3D Tours

Floor Plans


What to Consider When Selling Your Home

It is important to have an experienced agent that will educate you on current market conditions. Tim will help you strategize the best time and the best price to ask when selling your home. 

  • Tim will help you determine if you need to fix or improve things in your home prior to listing for sale to maximize the sale price. He will look at what’s important and what’s not.

  • Staging a home for sale is important today more than ever. Even though your stuff does not generally go with the house, buyers like to see the potential of how it could look for them. Tim always smiles at this one, as he often needs to remind his buyers that the sellers beautiful things don’t come with the home. However, in todays world of reality TV, home renovation and fixer upper shows etc, people have a much higher expectation when they view homes to buy. Tim will help you determine if you need to do a little staging or if it is great just like it is. Everyones situation is different and often it is not an option to stage a home for sale. Life can be very hectic and busy. Tim will work with you on this.

  • Professional pictures are extremely important. Tim can’t believe in todays world, sellers would list their home with terrible pictures. Almost all buyers look online to search for a home. How the home is presented is of upmost importance. Tim uses the very best professionals to take his pictures. 

  • A virtual tour of your property has shown to increase sale price. Giving potential buyers the ability to view the home on line as if they are walking through it in person, gets the buyer more excited about the home prior to first visiting it. 

  • Professionally drawn up floor plans is something Tim insists on for all listings. Tim pays to have these done and includes them online with the listing pictures and also in brochures. Tim believes it is very helpful to let potential buyers see the floor plan of your home before they view the property. There is no point wasting everyones time having buyers view your home only to hear afterwards they didn’t like the floor plan. Getting your home ready for viewings is a ton of work and the more qualified the buyer, the better. 

  • Pets. What to do with them and how to handle showing requests.

  • Tim will work to keep you informed once your home is actively on the market for sale. You need to be given feedback on showings when possible and also market updates, new competitive listings and recent sales in your area.

  • The most important consideration when selling your home is knowing that you have hired a professional to take care of your interests. Trust, integrity, honour. Key attributes necessary for a successful relationship.